War always has witnesses. Some of these witnesses have a knack for writing and organizing their observations, and they are the reporters.

This study of the World War II-era Stars and Stripes, the United States Armed Forces newspaper, largely written by soldiers for soldiers, covers the period from June 6, 1944, to August 21, 1944, dates which correspond to the beginning and the end of the Battle of Normandy. Contributing to the primary source materials was famed television personality Andy Rooney, a Stars and Stripes staff reporter from 1942-1945, as well as other former staffers via correspondence with the author.

Written for the general reader as well as the WWII scholar, this book is illustrated throughout with clippings, cartoons, headlines and photographs from The Stars and Stripes WWII editions, putting you in the boots of the World War II soldier reading his favorite newspaper. Originally written in French by Jean-Yves Simon, an expert on the subject of The Stars and Stripes in Normandy, this English translation has been edited and revis ed.